Cattle and game monitoring is becoming increasingly more important as the demands placed on landowners grows.

XIOT provides the farmer with the ability to track and monitor the movements and statistics of their game & cattle herd, continuously, across vast areas of land.

 Introducing the XIOT smart cattle tag which can not only track the movement of the animal it is on but also provide farmers with health data and the exact location of the animal.

The sensors relay the animal’s position to the farmer and sends alerts when the animal deviates from its normal path, which allows them to better track their livestock.


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Do you need to monitor your cows? Allow us to show you how?

How does XIOT help Farmers and Cattle Producers?


The XIOT Network

XIOT uses LoRa networks to get the data from the Cow Tags. With LoRaWAN (long range) you can transfer data over long distances, especially in  remote areas (8 to 10 kilometres line of sight).

All you need is an antenna in a location where it has 3G/4G, (ideally a hill), or Internet from the farm house.


If you have a big property you can easily set up multiple antennas to cover your cattle no matter where they roam.

Field Access Points

Field Access Points are remote radio stations that help cover large farms and grazing environments.

No farm is too big or too small for XIOT. By making use of remotely managed field access points, XIOT will capture all of your cow’s data.

The Neck, Ear & Stomach Sensors

XIOT sturdy sensors fit onto a collar around the cow’s neck, on it’s ear or in the stomach sac.

All data collected is analysed and provides insight and actions to the farmer, through easy to understand data & visualisations on their smart phone or Web App.

The Base Station

XIOT Neck & Ear (or stomach) trackers transmit data to the base station, which then sends the data to the cloud for storage and analysis.

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This Cattle Tracker is designed with RFID for cattle identification and at the same time, also has LoRa transmission capability to position a particular cow or game animal, based on RSSI signal strength data from the receiving gateways.

The internal battery can sustain continuous LoRa transmissions every 15 minutes with battery status for 1 day without charging. Each tag is equipped with a solar panel to keep charging and to replenish the battery for a continuous operation.









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