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Do you know your guests by name? Can we help you digitise your hotel?

The XIOT Smart Hotel system, simplifies the management of hotels and rooms through the use of IOT to control and provide an enhanced client experience and also regulate the operational duties of all service personnel.

XIOT also provides relevant hotel staff with up-to-the-second information about the operating status of different devices and appliances, and alerts staff to any warning signs that might be indicative of deterioration, or unusual performance. This allows for repairs or replacements to be carried out, before the device or appliance stops working.

Hotels can now get real-time intelligence for quick decision-making that increases agility, collaboration and productivity of the hotel staff, which in turn enhances overall guest satisfaction.

An XIOT Smart Hotel system can allow the lighting in a room to adjust based on the amount of natural light. Similarly, the technology can detect a room’s occupancy and adjust the temperature accordingly, which cuts back on energy costs without compromising a guest’s comfort during their stay at the hotel.

The XIOT Smart Hotel management system lays the foundation to give guests full control of their personal preferences, during their stay.

How does XIOT benefit the Hotel industry?


By providing an environment to give your Hotel guests the personal touch

To allow the Hotel to identify and interact with high valued guests

By providing the Hotel with a mechanism to engage all employees

To be in control of costs by managing systems automatically and precisely

To eliminate risk through predictive maintenance of all elements in the Hotel

As an addition, XIOT utilises Bluetooth, GPS and beacon technology to deliver location-based information regarding the precise location of guests and hotel staff when on the premises. This is used primarily to send messages to customers at the precise time they are relevant to the recipient.

The XIOT Smart Hotel provides access to these technologies, which have the ability to accelerate service, personalise the guest experience, build resource allocations to support guest requests, enable preventative maintenance and improve employee productivity.

The vision for the XIOT Smart Hotel system is to be as seamless and flawless as possible, with as little direct human interaction or contact as possible, right from the booking to the checkout and beyond. Location-based services ensures that guests can be automatically recognised and registered as soon as they step onto the hotel premises.

          Available Options for the XIOT Smart Hotel System

Save costs through insightful automation and prescriptive analytics

Manage all hotel data, systems, equipment, sensors and third-party information in a single, intuitive XIOT Smart Hotel platform that will transform data into knowledgeable insights.

XIOT provides the key to hospitality digitisation for hotels to efficiently and centrally manage guestroom energy consumption and services at the room or on the property. XIOT drives environmental sustainability initiatives while providing a better guest experience through the use of IOT technologies.

Guest Control Panels

detection of guest presence

Room Control Unit

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Make your guests feel welcome. Turn on the lights and set their preferred temperature the moment they open the door.

Advance your energy savings.

Combine events from the lock with a motion sensor to save on energy usage without requiring your guests to deal with pocket cards.

Improve your staff workflows.

Set the perfect cleaning conditions for housekeeping automatically and return everything for the guest when your team is done.

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