XIOT is the Insurers natural choice for adopting an Insuretech business strategy. Our solution is modularised, we can integrate single devices, the customer’s own devices (e.g. smart phones) into our technology stack to enable you to deliver a seamless offering to your Insured Clients.


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Historically insurance companies were dependent on past experience, analytics and information gathered from Clients through proposal forms and loss ratios.

The use of connected devices will provide insurance companies with a huge amount of data which can be processed through data aggregation engines to get a clear understanding of Client risks and loss trends.

XIOT enables the Insurers and Brokers to achieve this understanding.

We provide real-time insights regarding policyholder behavior to enable you to fulfill the following tasks:


Our Technology Ecosystem for Insurers and Brokers


Sensors, Systems, Humans

We monitor and analyse things that move and also things that stay still.

Enabling you to make quick decisions from a single view of all client risk sensors.

Resulting in early warning alerts from a risk environment thereby reducing operational losses through predictive analytics.


Secure Cloud

We provide software-as-a-service for Web and mobile applications via a secure cloud-based infrastructure.

Providing risk portfolio analysis across time and space using advanced data aggregation engines, innovative user experiences and digital engagements.

Our interactive storyboard gives you a holistic view of your Risk information and answers that are actionable, clear and immediately available.


Insight to Action

Our device-agnostic platform through AI will help you to achieve a deeper understanding of what is happening across a particular client risk, insurance portfolio or risk concentration.

Also what to do about it, - in real time.

Enabling you to improve your client’s experience by improving your own risk awareness and insight.


Visual Interaction

Get the right information to the right people at the right time.

Explore what happened, what’s happening now and what’s going to happen with dashboards, data stories and taxonomies.

Follow real-time movements and actions of insured risks using a visual display. Remotely monitor client risks with on-site IOT sensors.

Markets we specialise in:

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