Passenger transport bus services are used on conventional roads to carry numerous passengers on varying short journeys. Buses operate on conventional roads, with bus stops placed strategically on route to serve passengers. Timetables are provided by the transport operator to allow users to plan their journeys.

Transportation services are often arranged to operate at regular intervals throughout the day or part of the day. Often, more frequent services or even extra routes are operated during the morning and evening rush hours.

Co-ordination between services at terminals is important to reduce the total travel time for passengers.

The XIOT TransportTech Intermodal Journey Planner, provides information about available public transport services for passengers to plan their route. The application prompts a user to input an origin and a destination, and then uses algorithms to find a good route between the two.

The XIOT TransportTech solution automatically calculates passenger flow onto public transport buses by working through on-line cameras that record data in real time. This is done according to the following parameters:-

Counting passengers in different types of buses built on the analysis of entering and exiting passengers

Providing automatic ticket registration for city and suburban public transport

Ticket registration which is sold by the driver on travelled routes

Registration of tickets at remote bus stations

The management of privileged passenger control

Apart from ensuring the functionality of passenger counting, the system also supports up to eight additional cameras recording the buses interior and external situations. This option is to be used to fulfill the safety requirements of passenger transportation.


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How much control do you have over your transportation fleet?

This is how we do it?

XIOT TransportTech is a timetable management system that transfers bus travel information to smart bus stops

XIOT TransportTech is a system for planning the most efficient bus timetables for maximum efficiency

XIOT TransportTech provides an automatic calculation of the workload of an individual vehicle or the entire fleet

XIOT TransportTech is a system for monitoring the earning power of different bus routes

XIOT TransportTech      is a system for automatically planning deployment using calculations of passenger load at specific intervals

XIOT TransportTech is a system for calculating revenue and customer concessions throughout the journey

The XIOT TransportTech solution provides a calculation of revenue based on passenger traffic data making it impossible for drivers to take proceeds in an unauthorised way.

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The XIOT passenger flow system can be connected to the bus ticketing system in order to receive precise information about the tickets being sold on the bus.

The on-board ticketing terminal which automatically reconciles the quantity of sold tickets and actual number of carried passengers.

If required, the tickets sold by the drivers can be transmitted immediately to the bus stations to offer relevant data about available seats on the bus at all stops.

Passenger Carrying Bus

Pre-installed with:-

- Tracking Terminal

- Video Module

- POS terminal

Central Bus Station

Pre-installed with:-

XIOT TransportTech Solution

Fuel Company Processing




Bus Ticketing System



Smart Bus Stop

XIOT TransportTech Platform - bringing simplicity to passenger bus management

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